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Hi, I’m Lydia Warren. I’m a music maker, music scholar, and educator with an interest in collaborative ethnography, tourism, revivals, race, Memphis, mental health, and substance abuse.

I believe in positivity, sustainability, advocacy, and activism through scholarship.

But mostly, I wanna get funky. I wanna get down.

Amazing Talent and Modern Lyrics

With a voice that is both soulful and authentic, stinging guitar playing and songwriting that rivals the best in the business.

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“Lydia is changing the face of the blues with her music”.
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Pass My Way

The new CD, which features 8 original songs, is an eclectic mix of vintage sounds, amazing talent and modern lyrics.

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5 Best Rock Bands of All Time

If there’s a genre which has witnessed ups and downs, then it has got to be the genre of rock. For a style which arrived into the music industry way back in the 1960s or ’70s rock has seen it all. Throughout this journey, numerous bands and artists have come into the scene and created history, by witnessing success and failure. Considering the quality and impact here are some of the top rock bands of all time.

1.The Beatles

There is not a single person who hasn’t even remotely come across an iconic group like the Beatles. Through hit albums which brought about hit songs like ‘Hey Jude,’ ‘Let It Be,’ the Beatles went more than just creating a mark for themselves. With songs which were released way back in the 1960s and even heard during the 21st century, it is quite hard to say that a band like the Beatles will be forgotten.

2. Led Zeppelin

A rock fan who hasn’t heard of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ is no rock fan at all. This is a popular opinion among rock fans even during the 21st century, and that was the sheer talent of Led Zeppelin. Formed in London during the 1960s, Led Zeppelin is considered and appreciated by many for their influential tunes and genre-defining abilities. With a teary tribute that witnessed the likes of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Jack Black among few, Led Zeppelin just kept proving to the world of how an impact they are.

3. Queen

Freddie Mercury was no ordinary man. He was an individual with a set of unique vocal skills that eventually can’t be compared to anyone else in the music industry. And that was just the start for a phenomenon like Queen. A band so unique and hell-bent on making hits after hits that people almost forgot all the controversies associated with its lead singer. Queen not only gave us music, but they also gave us evergreen hits that our parents will never stop bragging about.

4. Pink Floyd

Apart from being the pioneers in progressive and psychedelic rock, Pink Floyd is the 7th best-selling music artists around the world. With record-breaking hits like ‘Comfortably Numb,’ ‘Breath In The Air’ Pink Floyd amazed everyone with their top-notch lyrics, electrifying performances and compelling approach to music. Being rooted and established in a genre of their own, Pink Floyd achieved a feat which probably no one will ever meet again.

5. AC/DC

Hard hitting vocals, pumped up music, and sold out venues, AC/DC stood true to their name from the very beginning. From experimenting between genres like hard rock, blues, and rock and roll, AC/DC made their fans go crazy. Even though people may never witness the impact of their performances anymore, AC/DC is well rooted in this genre.

Rows of Songs Suitable for Those of You Who are Broken Hearted

All people, especially young people, have certainly enjoyed the pain of heartbreak. The causes are also varied, for those who already have a heartbreak, problems like love betrayal, conflict because of differences in views in relationships, and breakups are some of them.

Whereas singles a.k.a single are not infrequently they find their love unrequited, or very severe when they choose to be alone because they have not been able to recover from past wounds. And a little romance that befell young people is often carried by musicians to become a theme song. 8 of these songs can represent the heartbreak of all broken hearts.:

Lady Antebellum – Hurt

Being on their latest album with the theme Heartbreak, this country-owned ballad song from Nashville, Tennessee, United States can represent anyone whose love is unrequited. Hillary Scott’s sweet voice and Charles Kelley’s husky voice in the background, the combination of both can reflect the pain of affection for people who don’t like us. What’s more, if they are caught merely playing with the taste you have.

Dead By Sunrise – Let Down

Together with the sideband has the name Dead By Sunrise, the late Chester Bennington reflects someone’s disappointment in a relationship that is not harmonious. Love that has been completely handed over to the lover is not enough, because the lover instead asks for everything. This creates him fed up and wants to end their relationship. In the future, he will no longer fall into the same bond of romance again.

Leona Lewis – You Don’t Care

Fighting for a relationship to remain intact, but different parties do not have the same intentions. This was felt by Leona Lewis, in a song titled “You Don’t Care.” Written by OneRepublic frontman, Ryan Tedder, furthermore the lyrics of this song reflect the submission of a woman over her lover’s indifference to the continuation of their relationship.

Backstreet Boys – Incomplete

As an icon of the 90s boy band, this group from Orlando, Florida, United States is known for their romantic songs wrapped in mesmerizing ears. But not only that, they bring sad and sad songs. One of them is “Incomplete.” The lyrics tell the weight of someone to continue their life after parting with the person he already considered his soulmate. Without the presence of a lover, his life feels empty.

Enrique Iglesias – Somebody’s Me

Present in the Spanish version with the title Alguien Soy Yo, the song written by Enrique Iglesias with John Shanks and Kara DioGuardi, tells of a man who still cannot turn away from a former lover who has left far away. The affection that always settles makes him aspire if they can be together again.

P! Nk – I Don’t Believe You

Funhouse is a studio album that was launched in 2008 by pop-rock singer Pink, after her divorce from her husband, Carey Hart. The material was mostly collected from the story of her life after the bitter event. One of them in the song “I Don’t Believe You,” was implied if he still had a deep sense of love. Until she asked the former to not lie to her feelings too.

Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

Beat the music reminds you of the old Rn’B era pop music. Maybe not the young taste of the present. However, the song that is currently on the album “The Element Of Freedom” presents quite wise lyrics. At the beginning of the temple, we are told to remember and feel old memories, while in the song chorus, Alicia seems to tell how the technique compromises with what is called a broken heart.

James Arthur – Impossible

Do not overly hope not a little when knitting the fabric of love that has not demanded a commitment like dating. When all the sweet hopes that are expected to appear impossible, your expectations that are too high will only create us disappointed later. As James Arthur felt in the song that was originally delivered by Shontell.

The Highest Voice Female Singer in The World

Having a beautiful voice is a gift that needs to be maintained and grateful. Many female singers have good, melodious voices that are pleasant to hear but do not necessarily have a high voice. Now, this is what we present 7 female singers with high voices in the world that will make you amazed.

Minnie Riperton

Minnie Riperton is the most famous singer for the song “Loving.” She can sing with the highest voice that reaches 5 octaves. She is a successful American singer, making all music lovers amazed by her voice. She appeared on November 8, 1947, and died on July 12, 1979.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion sprang up in Canada on March 30, 1968, which began recording in 1981. She is a world pop singer and diva from Canada. Celine Dion is classified as a female singer who has the highest voice up to 3 octaves. She is the singer of the most popular song “My Heart Will Go On” which became the soundtrack of the film Titanic, which is popular in many countries.

Georgia Brown

Georgia Brown sprung up 38 years ago who had an eight-octave sound. She is a female singer who has the highest voice recorded in the Guinness World Record as a person with the most top tone skills. Her ability to sing certainly has no doubt, and even she can sing with lyrics with a high voice that reaches 5 octaves.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera appeared on December 18, 1980, in New York. This 37-year-old woman has a high aesthetic and sound that reaches 3 octaves. Besides, she had a breath of 17 seconds when she sang. Besides being a singer, she is also a songwriter who is familiar with her sexy fashion style. Four popular singles Christina Aguilera has entered and reached number one in the Billboard Hot 100 arrangement.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has a voice with a tone as high as 5 octaves. The singer of the song “without you” sprung up in New York on March 27, 1970. She was indeed not young anymore, but her fans were still not a few in various countries who certainly admired the songs she sang. Besides the singer, it turns out she is also an author and songwriter, record producer, and actress in the United States.

Whitney Houston

One singer of Whitney Houston’s familiar woman appeared on August 9, 1963, in New Jersey, United States. This beautiful singer has the highest sound that is reached up to 5 octaves. One of her famous songs is “I will always love you,” which until now is still heard and sung by the community.

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles is a singer who appeared 36 years ago, precisely on September 4, 1981. The singer who is familiar with the song titled “Listen” has a sound as high as 3 octaves that captivate the hearts of all music lovers and proved to have not a few fans in various countries.

The singer with a beautiful voice does not necessarily have a high voice. It has aesthetically sound and high on the side obtained since birth, but it is also obtained because of the continuous practice. Now, how do you think the information about singers with the highest voice in the world that has been presented is unique.

Everything You Need To Know About The Rock and EDM

Music genres are all different, and innovations keep on coming from time to time. Artists believe, and that’s what leads them to collaborate with new artists from various genres. But apart from fusion, there are specific genres which stay true to themselves. Comparing such styles brings in collective views, and choosing the winner depends on an individual’s taste in music. That being said, let’s examine one of the oldest genres in the music industry with a relatively new one in terms of lyrics, artists achievements, and diversity.



When it comes to lyrics, it is reasonably easy to pick the winner from these two genres. Songs from the rock genre contain words which depict a particular theme, and then the solo adds to that theme. Rock songs have forever followed a unique style which makes them evergreen hits in the eyes of the world. Different sub-genres in rock have used lyrics about real-life incidents, life in general, and much more. While it is not right to say EDM is terrible in terms of words, it is quite understandable that its primary purpose is not that. EDM stands for ‘Electronic Dance Music,’ and that’s what it promotes. EDM songs are highly addictive and quite enjoyable. Artists don’t necessarily require lyrics to achieve this feat, making rock the clear winner.

Artists Achievements

Rock artists have survived in the industry for a long time and thus have been successful in terms of establishing a name for themselves. In terms of record-breaking sales, it is quite fair to say that EDM artists are thriving. If many bands have built themselves into the rock hall of fame, then few EDM artists to have taken home a couple of Grammys. But in terms of staying relevant, then EDM might have slight trouble in this category. EDM songs are trendy and catchy only for a particular period. People tend to listen to it when they are released and later end up not listening to them. But in the case of rock, there are a few songs which have managed to stay relevant even today. For example, action movies like ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ have used rock songs as their theme. These songs were released in the 1970s when compared to these movies which were released in the 2000 and 2017 respectively. The fanbase for a genre like rock and all its sub-genre might not be enormous in number when compared to EDM, but these fans never leave.


Diversity can be a crucial aspect for any genre which includes various other sub-genres. If rock includes sub-genres like alternative rock, hard rock, metal, heavy metal then EDM includes tropical house, dubstep, progressive trance, dub techno, and the list goes on. In terms of a number of sub-genres, then EDM is the clear winner as rock artists don’t tend to explore as much as they do. If a rock fan listens to Metallica, then that might or might not prompt him/her to go ahead and listen to Black Sabbath and if an EDM fan listens to David Guetta, then he/she might or might not go ahead and listen to Skrillex. The way a fan diversifies themselves into these genres is their differences, and hence you cannot pick the more diversified ones out of these two genres.

Why New Age Music is Bad

New Age Music

At times you go back and listen to songs that were released way back in the 1980’s, and you wonder how beautiful and meaningful they all sound alike. These songs are classics and will eventually never die from the music industry. But that’s not the case for music prevalent in the 21st century. With various beats and humongous party themes here are some of the reasons why new age music is terrible.

Catchy Beats

If there’s something which a college kid prefers, then that’s a song with a catchy beat. Music which is technically so addictive that you hear it on a loop and that’s a classic description of songs that are released in the 21st century. To get instant fame and views, music producers install songs with beats that are addictive which eventually end up making no sense whatsoever because the prime focus here is not the lyrics but the flow of the song which will become an instant teenage sensation.


Marketing techniques utilized by record labels and music producers are different nowadays considering the sheer amount of viewership. One of the most utilized platforms in this regard is YouTube. YouTube is home to many channels of artists where they share their music for an enhanced viewing experience because it is a platform which is widely accessible. And to stay relevant in these platforms, you require songs which started trending worldwide. So artists make songs that reach the trending mark utilizing various techniques such as catchy lyrics and beats. But the main problem here is that these songs stay relevant for a short period and end up being forgotten later on. For example, who listens to Gangnam Style by PSY anymore?


There was a time when song lyrics used to talk about something. Words were so unique that it eventually ends up telling a story — one of the main reasons why certain songs become evergreen hits. But the scenario now is different. Although the type of lyrics which an artist writes is their freedom, it does not take a Stephen Hawking to figure out why. Songs nowadays include words which promote them to be played at parties and such other platforms. These are quite visible in a relatively new genre called ‘Mumble Rap.’ Songs from these genres include lyrics like a single word being repeated over and over again. (e.g., Gucci Gang)

Auto-tuned Voice

Artists back in the day spent hours writing and recording the music which included a natural flair. Form their songs; it was quite familiar that it was original and that they sang it. Due to the advancement in technology, few artists from the 21st century rely on studio effects such as auto-tuning to make their voice sound better and eventually end up giving an artificial look to it. This is highly visible when you compare their studio versions to their live versions.


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