6 Latest Western Songs & Hits January 2020

2020 has arrived! Who’s the one who can’t wait to listen to the latest work from a favorite singer? In January 2020, there have been many artists who have released the latest songs in various genres.

Here LydiaWarren has summarized the latest western songs in January 2020. Hopefully, this latest song can make a good mood in various activities earlier this year. Happy listening!

“Never Scared” is a song on the Certified Hitmaker album, which was released last November

In her latest project, Lil Mosey is collaborating again with Trippie Redd. They chose the background of the desert in making their latest song video clip. So the concept is similar to George Miller’s film, Mad Max: Fury Road.

On January 2, Lauv released his song “Changes” again


On one occasion, Lauv said if this song was a form of reflection in 2019. Changes are the most favorite song on his latest album. For you who want to make changes in life, Changes is very suitable for encouragement.

The wrong Direction became a sad western song that confused at the beginning of the year

Hailee Steinfeld again makes my heart go away. This song represents the feeling of someone who is in love with the wrong person. The video clip does look simple — however, appreciation Steinfeld champion.

Like to hear the latest romantic songs? “Put It All On Me” is required in your playlist!

This time Ed Sheeran collaborated again with British singer Ella Mai Howell. Ed Sheeran is indeed the best at creating romantic western songs that make a fall in love. Put It All On tells the story of a man who wants to prove his love for his idol woman.

Camila Cabello “My Oh My,” tells the story of women who are fascinated by men of bad repute

Have you ever liked someone with a bad reputation? If so, it seems like the song My Oh My from Camila Cabello relates your life experience. Hmm, love is indeed blind, huh.

The song “Yummy” was trending with the hashtag #BieberIsBack


Finally, Justin Bieber returned to work LydiaWarren again. This song comes with R&B music that is fun to listen to. Bieber said if his wife was the inspiration behind the creation of his latest song. So sweet.

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