7 Video Clips with Cool Choreography and Make You Amazed

Video clips have become one of the main weapons of the band or musicians to promote their work so that music lovers can glance as wide as possible. In addition to the promotional event, video clips can also be a place for musicians to tell the contents of their songs although there are also video clips that do not connect with the contents of the song. No problem.

Here are 7 favorite video clips, filled with cool choreographies! Starting from Sentimental Moods’ water gymnastics to Michael Jackson’s zombie dance and beginning from the pop of Pharrell Williams, to the indie rock of The Black Keys.

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

When the Lotus Flower video clip from Radiohead was released in 2011, the internet world was noisy. How not, this black-and-white video clip focuses on Radiohead’s frontman, Thom Yorke, who dances strangely, absurdly, funny and cool! The result: many Thom memes roam the internet world today.

Sentimental Moods – Sunny Sunday

Last February, you must have been shocked and amazed at the release of the Sunny Sunday video clip from Jakarta’s ska gang, Sentimental Moods. This video clip is not filled by tall, slim, and stocky models, but rather by the personnel of Sentimental Moods who are distended, skinny, and tattooed who do water gymnastics. Sexy and macho.

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

The first time you listened to the song Lonely Boy, it felt like an automatic body wanted to be shaken but somehow. If you are confused, maybe you can see an authentic dance from Derrick T. Tuggle who became the main star of the Lonely Boy video clip as a reference.

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Like the case of OK Go, choosing a video clip with the coolest choreography from Michael Jackson is just as difficult. But after watching the many choreographies and stories in the Thriller video clip, P! not wrong to make this video clip with a favorite status.

Pharrell Williams – Happy

Happy is probably one of the most catchy songs ever made by Pharrell Williams. Not only the song, but the video clip was also a huge success. As of this writing, the video clip filled by Pharrell and dozens of people dancing has been watched 634 million times.

Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice

Are you a Christopher Walken fan? Certainly already familiar with this one video clip. In this video clip directed by Spike Jonze, Walken is seen dancing very agile. Too agile even so that he can fly. Yes, Christopher Walken is flying.

Britney Spears – Baby One More Time

If you guys who are still in white and gray uniforms are proud of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry as the vanguard of today’s pop singers, Britney Spears is the answer and bright light for young men and women who got high school 10 years ago. Britney for the win!

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