Don’t Confess Gamers If You Never Hear 8 of These Gaming Music

We challenge you to listen to this Upbeat song when you push rank Mobile Legends and feel the difference! To be happier and more enthusiastic in doing activities, we certainly always listen to Upbeat songs that can increase energy in the body and brain.

In addition to listening to Upbeat songs that can increase your rank on Mobile Legends, you also need cool skins to be more enthusiastic about playing.

Shawn Wasabi – Pizza Rolls

The metal + dubstep genre of this song remix is, ​​in my opinion, suitable for Action genre games. For those who want to know, the remix of this song is taken from Skrillex’s song titled Bangarang, Right In, Rock and Roll, Make it Bundem,

Willdabeats Remix

One of the artisan remixers of songs whose songs are good for playing games, Willdabeats. Good songs for playing from Willdabeats namely Lost on The Internet and Called Me Maybe. It’s delicious for all the games.


Nightcore, the song from Nightcore is indeed very suitable to be listened to while playing games. The music is loud, and some are slow. One good slow song is Adventure, Simulator and several other genres in my opinion Try.

Zomboy – Here to Stay

So if I think one is suitable for Action. Some Zomboy songs are also useful for gaming, like Mind Control, Terror Squad.

Jess No Limit – Intro

Upbeat songs that can make you use like a pro player is the music intro from the YouTube video Jess No Limit! You can be more focused on playing using Assassin heroes like Jess No Limit and get SAVAGE!

Pendulum – The Island

This song is divided into two parts, namely Dawn and Dusk. In my opinion, this song is useful when playing a Shooter genre. Try listening to the sound directly from the electro house and drop from The Island part 2 Dusk in this video. The main point is to shoot.

Initial D – Déjà vu

Upbeat songs that can make you agile in maneuvering on the hero Johnson can take you to the tier rank Legend! Who knows while listening to this song, you can become Johnson’s top player in Mobile Legends.

Rex County People – Sunflower

Who wants a day full of cheerfulness and of course can make the world brighter? Sunflower song is a selection of Upbeat songs that can accompany you in a push rank on Mobile Legends.

What about the 8 songs above that can accompany you when playing games? Do you have other song recommendations?

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