Rows of Songs Suitable for Those of You Who are Broken Hearted

All people, especially young people, have certainly enjoyed the pain of heartbreak. The causes are also varied, for those who already have a heartbreak, problems like love betrayal, conflict because of differences in views in relationships, and breakups are some of them.

Whereas singles a.k.a single are not infrequently they find their love unrequited, or very severe when they choose to be alone because they have not been able to recover from past wounds. And a little romance that befell young people is often carried by musicians to become a theme song. 8 of these songs can represent the heartbreak of all broken hearts.:

Lady Antebellum – Hurt

Being on their latest album with the theme Heartbreak, this country-owned ballad song from Nashville, Tennessee, United States can represent anyone whose love is unrequited. Hillary Scott’s sweet voice and Charles Kelley’s husky voice in the background, the combination of both can reflect the pain of affection for people who don’t like us. What’s more, if they are caught merely playing with the taste you have.

Dead By Sunrise – Let Down

Together with the sideband has the name Dead By Sunrise, the late Chester Bennington reflects someone’s disappointment in a relationship that is not harmonious. Love that has been completely handed over to the lover is not enough, because the lover instead asks for everything. This creates him fed up and wants to end their relationship. In the future, he will no longer fall into the same bond of romance again.

Leona Lewis – You Don’t Care

Fighting for a relationship to remain intact, but different parties do not have the same intentions. This was felt by Leona Lewis, in a song titled “You Don’t Care.” Written by OneRepublic frontman, Ryan Tedder, furthermore the lyrics of this song reflect the submission of a woman over her lover’s indifference to the continuation of their relationship.

Backstreet Boys – Incomplete

As an icon of the 90s boy band, this group from Orlando, Florida, United States is known for their romantic songs wrapped in mesmerizing ears. But not only that, they bring sad and sad songs. One of them is “Incomplete.” The lyrics tell the weight of someone to continue their life after parting with the person he already considered his soulmate. Without the presence of a lover, his life feels empty.

Enrique Iglesias – Somebody’s Me

Present in the Spanish version with the title Alguien Soy Yo, the song written by Enrique Iglesias with John Shanks and Kara DioGuardi, tells of a man who still cannot turn away from a former lover who has left far away. The affection that always settles makes him aspire if they can be together again.

P! Nk – I Don’t Believe You

Funhouse is a studio album that was launched in 2008 by pop-rock singer Pink, after her divorce from her husband, Carey Hart. The material was mostly collected from the story of her life after the bitter event. One of them in the song “I Don’t Believe You,” was implied if he still had a deep sense of love. Until she asked the former to not lie to her feelings too.

Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

Beat the music reminds you of the old Rn’B era pop music. Maybe not the young taste of the present. However, the song that is currently on the album “The Element Of Freedom” presents quite wise lyrics. At the beginning of the temple, we are told to remember and feel old memories, while in the song chorus, Alicia seems to tell how the technique compromises with what is called a broken heart.

James Arthur – Impossible

Do not overly hope not a little when knitting the fabric of love that has not demanded a commitment like dating. When all the sweet hopes that are expected to appear impossible, your expectations that are too high will only create us disappointed later. As James Arthur felt in the song that was originally delivered by Shontell.

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